Waterproof Dry Bags Set Of 3 By Freegrace - 5L Dry Bag With 2 Zip Lock Seals & Detachable Shoulder Strap, Waist Pouch & Phone Case - Can Be Submerged Into Water (Green)

Waterproof Dry Bags Set Of 3 By Freegrace - 5L Dry Bag With 2 Zip Lock Seals & Detachable Shoulder Strap, Waist Pouch & Phone Case - Can Be Submerged Into Water (Green)

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Are you so disappointed with top-rolling leaking dry bag?
• Remember the painful feeling when all your items soaked in your old-version dry bag?
• Have you ever been pretty mad with the ruined wallet in your now-owned dry bag?
• Has your ruined phone caused by water leaking dry bag made you frustrated?

Looking So Hard for A REAL Waterproof Dry Bag with Unbeatable Price on Amazon? NOW YOUR SEARCH IS OVER!
Image how it would be like if your Dry bag have the seals to protect the contents and also you get Waterproof Phone Cases and Waterproof Pouch to protect your small size valuable items from Water submersion,!
Freegrace Waterproof Set with new-version dry bag at reasonable price is exactly what you are looking for!

What Makes Freegrace Waterproof Set Superior Than The Other's?
✔ Freegrace Dry Bag and Waist Pouch using Premium Double Closure Strip Seals which is 10X SAFER than any closure seals available on market, make sure everything inside dry!
✔ Freegrace Dry Bag made from superfine 500D Tarpaulin which is the finest material available, light, flexible and strong enough to prevent abrasions, punctures, tears and last a long time!
✔ Waterproof Phone Case made of EVA material which is soft, flexible and PVC Free!
✔ Waterproof Phone Case have Full Transparent Window on the other side, so you can take photo or video while your phone inside!
✔ 20L Dry Bag build-in grab handle for convenient carry!
✔ Waterproof Pouch come with applicable waistline: 33.5-46.85 inch, you can fully adjust it as waist pack, cross-body bag, or even shoulder bag!

Grab This Amazing Waterproof Set Now and Play Wild with 100% Confidence in Any Occasions Which Involves Water, Sand, Dirt, Snow and Dust, Click Add to Cart Now to Experience This for Yourself!

Notes: For the first time use, please use tissue paper to check their waterproof
  • ✔ INCOPARABLY HIGH QUALITY AT AN AMAZINGLY LOW PRICE: Stop wasting your money on cheaply made roll top bags that fail to protect your stuff. This top notch waterproof bags set is the perfect combination of premium quality, extreme durability, maximum protection and low cost! Make it yours, save money and enjoy boating, rafting and kayaking without worrying about your belongings ever again!
  • ✔ KEEP YOUR THINGS DRY UNDER ANY CONDITION: The Freegrace waterproof dry bag for swimming, camping and outdoor research is made of 500D Tarpaulin and it features double zip lock seals that make it twice as safe as any dry bag you have ever tried! In fact, it promises to keep your things perfectly dry even if you submerge it into water.
  • ✔ GET A PRACTICAL WATERPROOF POUCH FOR YOUR SMALL ITEMS: Along with the kayaking and boating dry bag, you will receive an amazing waterproof opaque black pouch which is ideal for storing your wallet, cash, keys, credit cards and more in order to keep them 100% safe! The adjustable waistline makes it incomparably versatile, allowing you to wear it in many different ways.
  • ✔ PROTECT YOUR CELL PHONE AND MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR WATER SPORT ACTIVITIES: This set also includes a must have waterproof phone case. Now, you can text, talk on the phone, take pictures and videos when you are in the pool or the sea, having fun! This amazing dry cell phone case can fit an iPhone 6s plus and it is touch screen friendly.
  • ✔ A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY WATER LOVER AND ADVENTURE SEEKER: If you are into swimming, rafting, boating, kayaking, water sports or you just love exploring nature, this camping and outdoor research waterproof dry bag pack is bound to serve all your needs! Place your order now, and always keep your things safe and dry!

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