Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty & Come-Apart for Kitchen Accessories, Kitchen Scissors Take Apart with Best Shear of Cooking Scissor, Multifunction iTool Kitchen Cutlery with Magnetic Holder

Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty & Come-Apart for Kitchen Accessories, Kitchen Scissors Take Apart with Best Shear of Cooking Scissor, Multifunction iTool Kitchen Cutlery with Magnetic Holder

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Now Introducing the Most Amazing Kitchen Shears

The Best Kitchen Scissors / Shears by iTool Kitchen

   iTool Kitchen Shears are a professional grade product with high quality blades which provides you with more function of cutting chicken, duck, poultry bones, meat, cheese grater,
   vegetable, herbs, cardboard, packages, a roast chicken, and so much more.

   The Kitchen Scissors is designed to come apart easy to clean, maintain and safe when open all the way to 90 degrees. It is different from other kitchen scissors that don't come apart,
   could cause a health risk due to improperly clean. It is a perfect multifunction kitchen tools with durable stainless steel blades. They come with a handy magnetic safety sheath to
   hold the shears on your fridge or any other magnetic surface, keeping the shears close at hand and never lose it in the kitchen every time you need to cut something.

   When you go for camping trips, fishing trips, picnics, you can bring only just an iTool Kitchen Scissor instead of other knife sets. It is more than just a pair of scissors - the multifunction
   kitchen can do many cutting jobs. You'll love this kitchen scissors because of its multifunction which is easy to be used in kitchen and anywhere.

   All the features have been tested and proven high quality product.

Main Feature/Benefit: 7-in-1 Multi-Function

   - General Cutter, Vegetable Peeler
   - Cut Chicken, Ducks, other Poultry, Meat
   - Clip Walnut, crab Shell Food
   - Fish Scale Scraper
   - Scrape the Scales
   - Open the Shells, Screwdriver
   - Open Bottle Caps

Main Feature/Benefit: 7-in-1 Multi-Function

   iTool Kitchen Scissors are a durable tool with a 100% guarantee.

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  • MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: This heavy duty Kitchen shears is to cut meat, chicken, duck, crab shell sea food. The scissors kitchen is used to trim and peel vegetables, shell nuts, open bottles and crack crab legs, scales fish. iTool Kitchen Scissors set are a handy tool for your daily meal preparation. The cooking accessories handle most of the task in your kitchen.
  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: The kitchen utility scissors is strong professional grade stainless steel to prevent rust and damage from cutting the toughest meat, opening a bottle, cracking nuts. The kitchen products can be used with fiskars kitchen scissors. It is a shear sharpening, a scissors sharpener.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The multi-function kitchen shears set have an efficient design which makes more convenient to be used for preparing foods. The kitchen products are so called seafood scissors, poultry scissors, fish cutting scissors, meat cutting scissors, food scissors. It is a thinning scissors, provides a smooth cutting action such as poultry shears which are much more effective than knives kitchen because they give more control when trimming fat or slicing up raw meats.
  • SPEEDS UP KITCHEN TASK: The 7 tools in 1 of kitchen scissors heavy duty metal shears are produced for multi function tool jobs which is for chef knives and best in cutting difficult jobs.Chefs knives use this cutting scissors can save times compare to using traditional cooking knife. It is the best knives for cooking. Moreover, this thinning shears comes apart to clean easily the debris by detaching the blade.So, this kitchen items save time and hassle.
  • INVESTMENT PROTECTION - GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT: If you are not satisfied with your shearing scissors within 60 days, we will refund your money. We think you'll love the multi purpose scissors of iTool Kitchen. The kitchen tools packaging is colorful, perfect gift for housewarming. Buy first pair of the heavy duty scissors for your kitchen accessories. Buy a second pair of the stainless steel scissors for crafts and arts to fringe fabric. Buy a third pair of the shear scissors for a gift.

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