Cabela's Big Game Hunter 10th Anniversary Edtion Alaskan Adventure

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 10th Anniversary Edtion Alaskan Adventure

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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2007 lets you embark on 30 hunting missions across 12 Alaskan regions to track down some of the most sought-after Alaskan Trophy game. Alaska is celebrated for its majestic scenery and remarkable wildlife, but few outdoorsmen are lucky enough to see it for themselves. That's all about to change in this installment of Cabela's Big Game Hunter. Be warned that this is not an adventure for the inexperienced. Above all else, you must also rely on your cunning hunter skills and knowledge of the great outdoors to make it out alive.
All-new shooting features and controls include Hunter Sense, Gun Sway and Drop Dot to refine and master your marksmen skills Prove your outdoorsmen skills in convincingly real settings ESRB Rated T for Teen
  • Hunt more than 20 species of Alaskan Trophy game exclusive the region, including Yukon moose, Barren Ground caribou, Grizzly bears, Roosevelt elk, Dall sheep, Kodiak bears and Sitka Black Tailed deer
  • Choose gear from thousands of options, including rifles, shotguns, bow and arrows, fishing tackle, clothing, scents, calls and more
  • Spin cast, fly or ice fish for 10 varied species of Alaskan fish, including Sockeye salmon, Dolly varden and Arctic char
  • Stay hot on the tails of ducks, geese, grouse and ptarmigans in several bird hunting challenges
  • Dog sled in a timed race through the unforgiving Alaskan arctic

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